The Late Summer Bucket List

We’re burning our way through August, which means summer is gonna be gone faster than you say say “I need more sunscreen”.  I usually have a list of thing I want to get done over the course of the summer, and this year is no exception.  But, I’m a firm believer in the power of procrastination, which means I’ve crossed precious few items off my summer to-do list.  Thankfully, there’s a still a couple weeks left, in fact I’ve technically got until Sept 21 to finish up my list.

As for the list itself, I have to try to realistic about things.  I need to leave off the unrealistic items like hit a European metal festival (too broke), practice for a day at training camp with the Miami Dolphins (no athletic talent), or kiss a girl (that just isn’t happening).  When you throw those items out, everything else on the list seems eminently possible…

  •  Spend a night at the drive-in movie
  • Spend a night star-gazing (remember your sky map so you know which constellations are which, Fatty…)
  • Build a bonfire at the sand dunes (even if you just take your car out there and burn it)
  • Spend a hot afternoon sitting in a pool (even if it’s just a kiddie pool)
  • Spend a few days up at the family cabin in the woods  (watch out for horror movie cliches…)
  • See the new Simon Pegg-Nick Frost-Edgar Wright flick (the only thing on this list that’s a lock to happen)
  • Trim the beard.  Not because it’s too hot.  Because if it gets any poofier Fatty’s chin is gonna look like Jimi Hendrix’s head.

So that what I wanna get done before summer takes its leave.  Do you have a summer bucket list?  If so, what’s on it?


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