Dream Residue…

Some scientists are beginning to believe that our Universe (more acurately known as “the observable universe” cuz it’s all we can see) is more complex than just some ever-expanding system of stars, planets, and galaxies.  It is believed that our observable universe may be part of a “multiverse”, a system of possibly infinite numbers of different pocket universes or realities.  The clip below explains a bit.

If the idea that there are many, many branches of existence out there is correct, it’s probable that anything that you could possibly imagine happening has or will happen.  That got me thinking.  One idea I love, unproven though it may be, is that a different version of you and I exists in every single branch of the universe.  And the alternate “yous” or “Is” have probably lived out every single possible storyline you or I could live out.  I heard a quote that said essentially that our lives, regardless of whether we enjoy them or not, could be the dream lives of our parallel selves.

So, what if our dream are part of some shared consciousness or experience that connects us with the other versions of ourselves.  Perhaps we dream what we dream because one of our parallel selves has already lived through that experience.  So, our dreams aren’t really dreams so much as memories our alternate selves have from their lives.  Maybe, when I dream about hooking up with Aubrey Plaza, it’s because a me in another reality already has hooked up with an alternate version of Aubrey Plaza. 

That doesn’t explain everything.  For example, why the Hell did I dream last night about chasing around a little mouse through some old creepy, decrepit house?  I wasn’t human me, I was a very angry cat.  It was basically a Tom and Jerry cartoon only much more realistic-looking and much less plausible.  Am I a cat in a parallel existence?  I suppose anything is possible, but it sure doesn’t make much sense.  And why do I dream about swirling bars of color so often?  Is there another universe where I’m a color swatch or something?

This is an intriguing idea, but it’s also kind of off-putting.  I think I liked dreams better when they were just synapses in my brain firing off randomly.


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