Chapter Headings


Just over seven days until the NaNoWriMo mayhem starts.  This past week, I put the finishing touches on my outline.  Not that I’ll follow it to the letter.  An outline is a bit like a movie screenplay in that it serves more as a scaffolding to build your story on and the finished product may not bear much of a resemblance.  Anyway, it is nice to have a direction to go in, though I’m sure there’s at least one big change of direction awaiting me on this quest.

This year, as part of my outline, I wrote down the tentative title for each chapter and a little description of what happens in said chapter.  I don’t wanna give away too much, but I think I can share my chapter titles without ruining it.  So, that’s what I’m now gonna do.  I had as much fun coming up with these as I probably will writing the silly thing.  And isn’t that a bit sad?..

1.  Magic Moments

2. That Dreadful Day


4.  So Long!!  You’ve Been a Great Crowd!!

5.  Cruising Tunes

6. Hello, Seattle!!

7.  Keep Portland Weird

8. Hello, San Francisco!!

9. F*cking Hell-A (Los Angeles)

10.  Hello, Phoenix!!

11.  Mia

12. Beware the Texas Metalheads

13.  Hello, N’awlins!!

14.  Orlando, Florida – Death Metal Capitol of the World

15. Hello, Atlanta!!

16.  Lost…

17.  Hello, Replicantville!!

18.  Escape from Replicantville

19.  Hello, Indianapolis!!

20.  In with the Crew

21.  Hello, D.C.!!

22.  Quiet Time for Logan and Mia

23.  Hello, Philly!!

24.  The Breakdown

25.  Bus 667

26.  Hello, Cleveland!!

27.  Hello, Pittsburgh!!

28.  In the Presence of the Gods

29.  Hello, Detroit!!

30.  Thank You and Good Night

31.  …And Knowing is Half the Battle

Obviously, as things progress, I may shuffle chapters, condense things, and omit chapters completely, but right now, that’s the plan.  Along with my chapter, I have a short list of things I’ve been challenged to squeeze into my tale.  They are:

  • A “Skrull fat” gag
  • A “kitty whiskers” reference
  • Something to do with a space beaver
  • “It’s Manwichin’ time!”
  • A joke made at the expense of Journey

So, there you have it.  I think I’m about as ready as I can be.  Now, the waiting… that’s the hardest part…


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